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At the Städel Museum, the route through the internationally renowned collection of Flemish and Dutch painting begins in a rotunda displaying a small but qualitatively superb group of Early Netherlandish works with masterpieces by Jan van Eyck, the Master of Flémalle and Rogier van der Weyden. The adjoining halls and side rooms feature examples of the prevailing pictorial genres: altarpieces and devotional paintings, portraits, landscapes, genre scenes and still lifes. Among the highlights of the seventeenth century, two especially prominent paintings are Rembrandt’s Blinding of Samson and Vermeer’s Geographer. The Städel Museum moreover has in its possession choice pieces by Adriaen Brouwer, Lucas van Valckenborch, Peter Paul Rubens, Frans Hals and others. With more than three hundred Flemish and Dutch paintings as well as rich print and drawing holdings, it offers its visitors a splendid panorama of Netherlandish art of the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries which has been investigated in several scholarly catalogues and also awaits exploration online in the Digital Collection.

With the virtual reality Time Machine, visitors can learn which of the Netherlandish works were already in the original collection of the Frankfurt businessman Johann Friedrich Städel.

Jochen Sander, Adjunct Director and Curator of German, Dutch and Flemish Paintings before 1800 and Almut Pollmer-Schmidt, Associate Curator (October 2020)

Collection catalogues

Niederländische Gemälde im Städel, 1400-1550
Sander, Jochen, Stephan Knobloch, Peter Klein
Mainz 1993

Holländische Gemälde im Städel 1550–1800, Künstler geboren bis 1615
Mirjam Neumeister
Petersberg 2005

Holländische Gemälde im Städel 1550–1800, Künstler geboren 1615 bis 1630

León Krempel
Petersberg 2005

Holländische Gemälde im Städel Museum 1550–1800, Künstler geboren nach 1630
Mirjam Neumeister
Petersberg 2010

Flämische Gemälde im Städel Museum 1550–1800, 2 vols.
Agnes Tieze
Petersberg 2009

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