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Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München


The foundations of the Munich collection of Dutch and Flemish art at the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München were laid by Bavarian Elector Carl Theodor in 1758. These holdings were added to in the following centuries. Today, the Munich museum keeps circa 1.700 drawings by Dutch and Flemish masters and an estimated 10.000 prints. Eight modelli in preparation for tapestries by Bernart van Orley stand out in the holdings in sixteenth-century Netherlandish art. Masterworks of Flemish baroque art are drawings by Peter Paul Rubens and Jacob Jordaens. Next to superb works by Rembrandt, a noteworthy set of seventeenth-century Dutch art is the so-called Rembrandt complex, a group of some 370 drawings attributed to the master’s inner circle and closest followers. The collection of prints includes almost complete oeuvres of Lucas van Leyden, Hendrick Goltzius, Peter Paul Rubens, and Anthony van Dyck, among others.

Nina Schleif, Curator of Dutch and Flemish Drawings and Prints (October 2020)

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