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Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee


Zierikzee Town Hall Museum tells the story of Zierikzee and the surrounding island of Schouwen-Duiveland. It cares for a small but beautiful collection of Dutch and Flemish art from the approximate period 1350-1750. The collection includes portraits by Jacob Lambrechtsz. Loncke and works by unknown masters, such as a painting of peat digging for salt production (darinkdelven; ca. 1540-1550) and images of the construction of a seagoing fishing vessel known as a herring buss (1595). The highly diverse collection also contains unique painted maps of Schouwen and Duiveland, cityscapes, models of ships and other replicas, and silverwork. The decorations of the interior of Zierikzee’s monumental sixteenth-century town hall in which the collection is displayed include three grisailles by Marten Jozef Geeraerts. The museum organizes extremely varied temporary exhibitions, including a successful series of exhibitions on masters from seventeenth-century Zeeland, which involves collaboration with renowned art historians.

Inge Bogers-Schipper, curator (August 2023)

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