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Statens Museum for Kunst

National Gallery of Denmark


The collections of the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen originate from the Royal Collections built up by the Danish kings from the sixteenth century onwards. Especially important were the acquisitions made by Christian IV and Frederik III in the seventeenth century, followed by Frederik V and the curator of the Kunstkammer, the art connoisseur Gerhard Morell, in the mid-eighteenth century. There are about 1,170 Flemish and Dutch paintings and sculptures, most of them from the Baroque period. The following highlights can be noted: two late Gothic boxwood micro-carvings, Mannerist masterpieces by Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem and Abraham Bloemaert, Baroque trompe l’oeil paintings by Cornelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts, a rare flower still life by Margaretha van Haverman, and a unique painting by Dirk Valkenburg depicting a ritual slave party in a plantation in Surinam. In addition, the print room, Den Kongelige Kobberstiksamling, possesses a vast number of prints and drawings, including works by Maerten van Heemskerck and the so-called Rubens Cantoor, a collection of around 500 study drawings from Rubens’s workshop.

Eva de la Fuente Pedersen, Curator (June 2023)

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SMK Highlights: Statens Museum for Kunst
Anderberg, Birgitte, Peter Nørgaard Larsen, Sven Bjerkhof and Annette Sevaldsen
Copenhagen 2005

Flemish paintings 1600-1800
Koester, Olaf, Sven Bjerkhof
Copenhagen 2000

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