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Musée Wittert ULiège


The Wittert Museum houses the rich and varied art collection of the University of Liège of which old Master drawings and prints form one of the most significant parts. The bulk of those were bequeathed to the University by Baron Adrien Wittert in 1903, owing to his interest in Flemish and Dutch Art, an important part of the entire collection, quantitatively and qualitatively, is made up of these objects.

The prints collection encompasses almost all the well-known names from the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Works by artists such as Lucas van Leyden, Pieter Bruegel, Cornelis Cort, Hendrick Goltzius, Crispijn de Passe, Abraham Bloemaert, Rembrandt, Gérard de Lairesse , and the Collaert, Sadeler and Wierix families are included in the department.

A systematic and in-depth examination of the hitherto largely unexplored collection of drawings was recently initiated by Prof. Dominique Allart and Dr. Antonio Geremicca, in the framework of the “Wittert Project”, funded by the University of Liège. They are currently preparing a catalogue of a selection sixteenth-century drawings, which will include works by Lucas Gassel, Jan Verbeeck, Pieter de Kempener, Lambert Lombard, and Dirck Crabeth, among others.

Edith Micha, Curator (December 2021)

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