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Wasserburg Anholt


The main emphasis of the princely art collections, which are presented to the public at the privately owned and inhabited Castle Anholt, is the Pinakothek. Historically grown over the centuries, today it includes more than 750 exhibits, of which about 260 are paintings by renowned Dutch and Flemish artists of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Apart from works of art on religious, secular and mythological topics, the spectrum ranges also towards portraits, genre and landscape paintings as well as still lifes. The diversity and the art historical value are reflected in artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Gerard van Honthorst, Gerard ter Borch, David Teniers, Frans Snijders, Joachim Patinir, Ambrosius Brueghel, Jan van Goyen and Joos van Cleve. But also works by Lucas Cranach the Elder, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and Carlo Dolci are important parts of the collection.

Also worth mentioning are the tapestries designed by the Antwerp artist Lodewijk van Schoor (1666-1702) and the eighteenth-century wall hangings from the studio of Pieter van der Borcht the Younger after designs by David Teniers.

The collection is on view at a moated castle of which the oldest parts date from the twelfth century. The family of the current owner has continuously inhabited the complex since 1641.

Angela Christians, Tourism/Marketing (February 2022)