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Zeeuws Museum


The Zeeuws Museum, which occupies Middelburg Abbey, is the cultural history museum of Zeeland and manages an encyclopedic collection. Its greatest masterpieces are the Zeeland Tapestries (1593–1604) designed by Hendrik Vroom, which depict the battle against the Spanish armies in the waters of Zeeland during the Eighty Years’ War. The paintings in this highly diverse collection include portraits attributed to Daniël van den Queeborne and Salomon Mesdach, and a trophy-framed portrait of Michiel de Ruiter by Ferdinand Bol. Other outstanding works include a church interior by Dirck van Delen and still lifes by Joris Hoefnagel, Christoffel van den Berghe, Johannes Goedaert, and Adriaen Coorte. Also noteworthy are a religious scene and a stable interior by François Ryckhals and two mantel paintings by Aert Schouman and Jacobus Vonck. The applied arts collection includes remarkable items such as a portrait medallion of Elizabeth I by an anonymous Flemish artist and Zeeland silverware by anonymous masters and silversmiths such as Abraham de Bock, Cornelis Blaauwbeens, and Philippus Prié. The museum partners with contemporary artists and designers who draw inspiration from the collection, and in this way helps to create the cultural heritage of the future.

Caroline van Santen, Curator (March 2023)

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