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Job Offer: Business Manager at Museum Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen

The Museum Hof van Busleyden is advertising the full-time position of Business Manager (Zakelijk Coƶrdinator Afdeling Cultureel Erfgoed). The vacancy text (in Dutch) can be consulted here. Applicants may apply until 6 October 2019.

Museum Hof van Busleyden is situated in a majestic city palace. The palace was originally commissioned by the humanist Hieronymus van Busleyden (ca. 1470ā€“1517), a member of the Great Council and a friend of Erasmus and Thomas More. After its restoration in 1938, the building did not undergo extensive renovation for many decades. Work began on a comprehensive refurbishment operation a few years ago, and the museum was re-opened in 2018.

The Enclosed Gardens (Besloten Hofjes) are among the most remarkable treasures of the Hof van Busleyden Museum. These retable cabinets were made in the first half of the 16th century by the Hospital Sisters of Mechelen, who expressed through them their visions of an ideal, spiritual paradise.