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Reminder: Deadline Friends of CODART Curators Stipend 1 July

CODART and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds would like to remind all Dutch museums of the deadline of 1 July for the application for a Curators Stipend, one of which is financed by the Friends of CODART Foundation in 2023, to mark CODART’s 25th anniversary.

The Curators Stipend allows a museum to hire a junior curator for the duration of six months, in which the senior curator can devote him or herself to research, or can receive support from the junior in another project. At the same time, a junior curator is enabled to gain experience working in a museum. Several CODART-curators have benefited from the stipend in the past, as illustrated by their testimonials below.

Tom van der Molen: “I have benefited from the Curators Stipend offered by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds twice. First in 2014 when I replaced Norbert Middelkoop at the Amsterdam Museum. It was the beginning of my career at the museum. Last year I was able to devote six months to research while I in turn was temporarily replaced by a young starting curator, Dorine Maat.”

Norbert Middelkoop: “Thanks to the Curators Stipend I was able to disconnect from my museum duties for several months in 2014 to focus on my dissertation – I knew my tasks were in good hands with Tom van der Molen. The time and space this provided for the maturation of all kinds of thoughts and hypotheses, in addition to the gathering of sources and the writing itself, I experienced as especially bountiful and inspiring.”

Charlotte Rulkens: “Thanks to the Curators Stipend I started my career in 2016 as Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds junior curator in the Mauritshuis. It offered me the unique opportunity to prove myself as a young professional and to grow in a team of super-specialists. An experience that has been of crucial importance for the years that followed!”

CODART encourages all curators in Dutch museums to consider application. Deadline for application is 1 July 2023. More details about eligibility, criteria and how to apply can be found on this page.