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Rijksmuseum Twenthe Seeks Director

Rijksmuseum Twenthe is looking for a new director to succeed Arnoud Odding, who left the museum in December 2022.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe is a national art museum that organizes exhibitions with early modern, modern and contemporary art to tell stories about social and cultural developments in past centuries and what they mean for the present. The museum holds a strong collection of eighteenth-century Dutch art. In 2016 Rijksmuseum Twenthe merged with De Museumfabriek (The Museum Factory) forming one organization with one board of directors and one supervisory board. The Museumfabriek (formerly TwentseWelle) is an urban museum that focuses on the connection between nature, culture and technology.

Please see this page for the job description (in Dutch). Applications are due by 15 February 2023.