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ANKK (Arbeitskreis Niederländische Kunst und Kulturgeschichte) calls for papers for their conference in 2011 in Frankfurt

The German organisation for the study of Netherlandish art and culture [Arbeitskreis Niederländische Kunst und Kulturgeschichte e.V. (ANKK)] will host a three-day international conference in Frankfurt from 30 September to 2 October 2011. The conference aims to provide a forum for discussion and scholarly exchange on a variety of issues relating to Netherlandish and German art.

The title ‘Systems of Perception’ refers to a characteristic phenomenon of Netherlandish art and culture, namely the special importance accorded to the cognitive significance of sight. The conference aims to address aspects of visual culture in which the work of art effectively imposes order on that which is visible and that which is perceived. Individual objects, entire collections of artefacts and indeed architecture can thus be interpreted as an endeavour to organise human experiences using visual means. Early Netherlandish art, for instance, represents an early attempt to create images of everyday life that encapsulate different realms of religious belief. In the seventeenth century, art and scientific illustrations provided empirical and analytical insights into the ‘world’, especially in those cases where pictorial representations were used to organise and explain visual experiences. In more modern times, the De Stijl group attempted to establish an autonomous system of art that illustrates underlying patterns and structures. The theme of this conference seeks to investigate the multifarious forms of artistic production that occur in a wide spectrum of genres, media, regions, epochs and methods.

For an extensive version of the call for papers in German please click here .

The ANKK conference organising committee
(Nils Büttner, Dagmar Eichberger, Ulrich Heinen, Christiane Kruse,
Ariane Mensger, Jochen Sander, Heike Schlie, Matthias Ubl)