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Dutch museums’ newly acquired drawings shown at TEFAF

With the support of Vereniging Rembrandt, eighteen drawings were acquired at the second sale of I.Q. van Regteren Altena’s collection. Five Dutch museums were involved in the purchase.

The Amsterdam Museum bought a drawing attributed to Cornelis van der Voort, Stadsarchief Amsterdam eight drawings by Kees van Dongen, the Centraal Museum a drawing by Jan van Scorel and the Teylers Museum drawings by Jacques de Gheyn II, Gerbrand van den Eeckhout and Abraham van den Tempel. The printroom of the Rijksmuseum will be enriched with three drawings by Christaan Andriessen, one by Jurriaan Andriessen, a drawing by van Karel van Mander and a drawing by van Claes van Beresteyn.

Five of the drawings will be exhibited at Vereniging Rembrandt’s stand at TEFAF Maastricht, including the sketch by Van der Voort and the drawings by Van Scorel and Van den Eeckhout.

The drawings were bought with the support of Vereniging Rembrandt, Stichting Nationaal Fonds Kunstbezit and the VSBfonds. The Teylers Museum was also aided by Matthijs de Clerq (New York) and the Bankgiro Loterij. The Rijksmuseum received additional support of the F.G. Waller Fund.


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