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Institut Néerlandais Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

On 11 January 1957 the Institut Néerlandais was opened by Prince Bernhard and President Coty with a Rembrandt exhibition. On 11 January 2007 Queen Beatrix has come to Paris to celebrate the jubilee and to open another Rembrandt exhibition, Rembrandt … bouquet final: dessins du Kupferstichkabinett de Berlin

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Come to the party!

A special effort has gone into this semester programme, which revolves around an important date: 11 January 1957. On that day, the Institut Néerlandais was inaugurated by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and the President of France, René Coty, with an exhibition on Rembrandt. This year, the Institut Néerlandais will celebrate its half-century with an even bigger programme than usual, and especially a Dutch Season, called Haut les Pays-Bas!, organised in conjunction with CULTURESFRANCE. The season will feature more than 50 major cultural events showcasing Dutch culture. Under the honorary chairmanship of Bernard Bot, foreign minister of the Netherlands, and sponsored by the cartoonist Willem, Haut les Pays-Bas! will run from January to March 2007 all over France. Many of the season’s events are described in this brochure. The full programme can be downloaded from this website.

1957-2007. It was only fitting to inaugurate the Institut Néerlandais with Rembrandt. For the institute’s 50th anniversary, the painter will be honoured again with Rembrandt…bouquet final ("Rembrandt, the last bouquet"). As a tribute to the first event, her Majesty Queen Beatrix will open the exhibition on 11 January 2007.


Rudi Wester