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Judikje Kiers to succeed Paul Spies as director of Amsterdam Museum and Museum Willet-Holthuysen

Judikje Kiers is appointed as the new director of the Amsterdam Museum and Museum Willet-Holthuysen. Kiers is currently the director of Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder (Our Lord in the Attic) and the Bijbels Museum in Amsterdam. She is familiar with the Amsterdam Museum and Museum Willet-Holthuysen, as the four museums are closely involved in an ongoing collaboration. One of the projects the new director will lead is the search for a new location for the museum.

Judikje Kiers studied art history at VU University Amsterdam. She worked at the Frans Hals Museum and at Rijksmuseum. In 2001, Kiers was appointed as the director of the recently renovated Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder. She combined her directorship with that of the Bijbels Museum in 2009.

Paul Spies, director of the Amsterdam Museum since 2008, is leaving to direct the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin on 1 February 2016. Spies will lead six institutions and direct the permanent presentation about Berlin in the planned Humboldt forum.