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CODART NEGEN on Dutch television (and Internet)

On Saturday afternoon, 22 April, at 16:05, the AVRO program Museumgasten (Museum visitors, also meaning “The kind of people who are involved with museums”) will broadcast a special installment on CODART.

An AVRO team filmed parts of the CODART NEGEN study trip to the eastern and northern provinces of the Netherland and conducted interviews with participants. The stars of the film are Hans Nieuwdorp of the Antwerp city museums and Yao-Fen You of Harvard University Art Museums.

Museumgasten is a program for the general public. The installment on CODART is intended to give viewers an impression of the work of the curator and to show the Dutch audience how passionate curators from abroad can be about the art of the Netherlands. The film lasts 42 minutes, an exceptionally long program for Museumgasten.

The broadcast itself:
22 April, 16:05-16:47: Nederland 1

Internet transmission:
From 24 April on, the program will be available for a certain length of time on the website of the AVRO art programs: