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Blaise Ducos Takes Ph.D. at Université De Picardie – Jules Verne in Amiens with Dissertation on Frans Pourbus the Younger

With his successful defense of the dissertation “Frans Pourbus le Jeune (1569-1622): entre Habsbourg, Médicis et Bourbons,” Blaise Ducos, curator of Dutch and Flemish painting at the Louvre, was awarded a doctor’s degree. He has announced his intention of publishing his book at the earliest opportunity.

The photo shows him seated opposite his supervisor, Philippe Sénéchal, and the jury, consisting of Paul Huvenne and David Jaffé, alongside Alain Mérot (Université de la Sorbonne – Paris IV),  Maurice Brock (Université de Tours) and Michel Paoli (Université de Picardie – Jules Verne). The deliberations lasted for four hours, from 2 to 6 p.m.

CODART heartily congratulates our long-time member for having triumphed in this ordeal.

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