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Death of former CODART member Emil Bosshard

The Art Newspaper issue of April 2006 reports the death of our former member Emil Bosshard at the age of 60.

From the Art Newspaper, No. 168, April 2006, p. 5

Emil Bosshard died on 9 February, aged 60. Born in Switzerland, he trained at the Swiss Institute for Art Research in Zurich and worked as deputy painting restorer at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. In 1973 he worked at the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa, returning to the Swiss Institute as head of painting conservation in 1975. In 1985 Baron Thyssen Bornemisza appointed him chief conservator of his collection, housed in the Villa Favorita in Lugano, where plans were underway to build a public museum. When that project failed, the collection was transferred to Madrid, where the museum was set up and, in 1992, Bosshard co-ordinated the packing and transport of 1,500 paintings and sculptures without a single instance of damage.

Emil Bosshard was not an active member of CODART, but behind the scenes he showed interest in our activities. He became a member in 1999, and he was helpful in arranging our visit to the Thyssen-Bornmisza Museum on the 2000 CODART DRIE study trip to Spain. In September 2003 he resigned from our organization. Gary Schwartz knew him as an amiable colleague who was always willing to show and discuss the collection in his care.