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All CODART eZine Articles Are Now Available on CODARTfeatures

Two years after the launch of CODARTfeatures, all articles from its predecessor, the CODART eZine, are now available on The CODART eZine ran from 2012 until 2019, when it was replaced by CODARTfeatures.

Over one hundred articles from the online magazine can now be accessed more easily on the new CODARTfeatures platform. Contents from individual issues of the eZine can still be browsed separately by selecting the eZine number in the filter. In addition, articles relating to a specific topic or artist can also be found through the new filter.

Several articles from the CODARTCourant (1998-2011), the eZine’s predecessor, have also been republished as a feature. In the coming months more Courant articles will be added to the platform, eventually completing the CODART publication archive.

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