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Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings by Jan Baptist Weenix and Jan Weenix Published by Anke Van Wagenberg

CODART Member Anke Van Wagenberg has published a two-volume catalogue raisonné on the works of Jan Baptist Weenix (1621-1659) and his son Jan Weenix (1641-1719), the result of many years of scholarly art-historical research. Both father and son are represented in museums with important collections of Dutch and Flemish art. However, attributions of the paintings by both artists had been confused for centuries, mainly due to similarities in subject matter and style. After the death of his father – who was also his teacher – Jan Weenix gradually transformed his style, according to the more courtly taste of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

The purpose of the present study was to establish a clearer idea of the oeuvres of both painters and thereby fill a lacuna in the history of art of the Dutch seventeenth century. This first published monograph on Jan Baptist Weenix and Jan Weenix, titled Jan Baptist Weenix and Jan Weenix: The Paintings contains more than 500 paintings and new, unpublished archival material.


Jan Baptist Weenix and Jan Weenix: The Paintings
Anke Van Wagenberg
800 pages and 500 illustrations (mostly in color)
Zwolle (Waanders) 2018
ISBN 9789462621596

For more information, see the publisher’s website.