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CODART eZine 10 Now Online

CODART proudly presents its autumn issue of the CODART eZine. The eZine is an interactive digital newsletter on Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide.

The tenth issue includes an article exploring the collection of Netherlandish prints in the Spencer Museum of Art in Kansas and two articles introducing two very different art historical projects. One of these projects identifies the watermarks in Rembrandt’s etchings (the WIRE project), the other aims to initiate fundamental on-the-ground research and documentation of Rubens’s correspondence.

This issue also pays special attention to the ‘hidden gems’ in the collections of five CODART members. These contributions are courtesy of The Low Countries (TLC), the English-language yearbook covering culture and society in Flanders and the Netherlands. This year, TLC published an issue focusing on the Old Masters to mark CODART’s twentieth anniversary (also see our news item).

Table of Contents

eZine 10, Autumn 2018

Welcome: The Adventure of Looking
Gerdien Verschoor

Curator’s project: The Watermark Identification in Rembrandt’s Etchings (WIRE) Project
Andrew Weislogel

Curator’s project: Tracing Rubens’s Exchanges through Letters
Abigail D. Newman

Curator’s collections: Collecting Netherlandish Prints for the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas
Stephen Goddard

Curator’s interview: Micha Leeflang Interviewed by Sarah van Ooteghem
Sarah van Ooteghem

CODART activities: CODARTfocus in Mechelen, 22–23 May 2018
Júlia Tátrai

Curator’s object: Hidden Gems by 5 Curators, part I
(1) An Enigmatic Laugh in Cologne
Anja K. Sevcik

(2) An Explosive Struggle in the Prado
Alejandro Vergara

Curator’s object: Hidden Gems by 5 Curators, part II
(3) Double Dutch in Dublin
Adriaan Waiboer

(4) A Miniature Netherlandish Treasure in Detroit
Yao-Fen You

(5) The Bon Vivant back in the Hermitage
Irina Sokolova

Friends: Floris van Wanroij Interviewed by Gerdien Verschoor
Gerdien Verschoor

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