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Double Issue of Oud Holland (131, no. 3/4) Covers the 1550s-1870s

The latest issue of Oud Holland – Journal for Art of the Low Countries covers a wide range of articles from a rediscovered panel by Mandijn from 1552, and the seized art collection of a lady-in-waiting, to a painted portrait identified as a Dutch scientist, and a famous photo from 1873 – formerly believed as the likeness of Vincent van Gogh.

Contents Oud Holland 2018, no. 3/4:

Daan van Heesch
Out of Bosch’s shadow: A rediscovered altarpiece by Jan Mandijn

Elmer Kolfin
African man with a conch, ca. 1620-1625: A new attribution to Abraham Bloemaert

Xander van Eck
Charity in the audience of John the Baptist

Rozemarijn Landsman
Caspar van Wittel’s family ties

Harald Deceulaer & Ann Diels
On the losing side of history: The vanished art collection of Isabella Van Laer, ‘Belgian’ lady-in-waiting of Mary of Modena, Queen of England (1688)

Andrew Graciano
A Dutch connection: Re-identifying a sitter at the National Portrait Gallery in London

Teio Meedendorp & Yves Vasseur
A case of mistaken identity: Concerning the photographic portrait of Vincent van Gogh, age thirteen

Oud Holland

The oldest surviving art-historical journal in the world is a Dutch periodical. Oud Holland began life in 1883 with articles on art from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance period as well as the seventeenth century. With its numerous groundbreaking contributions – from important archival finds to major art-historical discoveries – Oud Holland has established an impressive reputation for itself. For subscriptions see the RKD-website.

<em>Oud Holland – Journal for Art of the Low Countries</em>, 2018, volume 131 no. 3/4

Oud Holland – Journal for Art of the Low Countries, 2018, volume 131 no. 3/4