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Festschrift in Honor of Hana Seifertová on the Occasion of Her 90th Birthday

On 12 May, the well-known and highly respected Prague art historian and founding member of CODART, Hana Seifertová celebrated her 90th birthday. On this occasion, she was honored by the National Gallery in Prague with an Album Amicorum as a special edition of the Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague. The festive presentation, which was attended by numerous colleagues from the Czech Republic and abroad, took place on 7 May in Hana’s long-time domain, the Sternberg Palace of the National Gallery in Prague.

The jubilarian surrounded by contributors to her Festschrift (left).
Hana Seifertová by Carla van de Puttelaar (right).

The articles dedicated to Hana reflect not only the breadth of her research interests, but also the wide circle of art historians and friends that Hana has established as a mentor and colleague during her long career. The impressive list of her publications between 1954 and 2020 – which she continued to add to for many years after her retirement from the National Gallery – testifies to an outstanding personality in the world of art history and an inexhaustible source of knowledge.

The Bulletin is available in the museum’s online shop for 8 euros.


Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague 34 (2024)
Articles dedicated to Hana Seifertová
Alicja Knast: Editorial

Milena Bartlová: Still Life with Friends. Hana Seifertova and the Collection of Old Masters at the National Gallery in Prague during the Period of “Normalisation”

Olga Kotková: “And have you read ‘On Sculpture’?”

Lubomír Konečný: Andrea Alciato in Telč, Česky Krumlov, and Kratochvile. A Handful of Rectifications

Fred G. Meijer: Rotterdam in Prague. From Pieter de Bloot to Pieter Duyfhuysen

Anja K. Sevcik: Blumengruß aus Bologna. Eine verschollen geglaubte Mater Dolorosa von Margharita Caffi und Lorenzo Pasinelli in der Nationalgalerie in Prag

Stefan Bartilla: Leonaert Bramer. Das Entgiftungswunder des Elisas

Kateřina Samková / Andrea Steckerová: One Work – Two Hands. Still Lifes from the Krasny Dvůr Chateau by Brandl and Angermeyer

Vít Vlnas / Marie Vymazalová: “The Czech Painter Kuňatko, or an Unknown Altarpiece of St John of Nepomuk from 1726

Lubomír Slavíček: The Unrealised Auction of Paintings Released by the Picture Gallery of the Society of Patriotic Friends of the Arts in 1858, and Wenzel Dimmer

Lucie Němečková: Prague Full of Rembrandts?

Beket Bukovinská: Bohdan Heřmansky. Below Vyšehrad

Bibliography Hana Seifertová 1954-2020

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