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July Issue of The Burlington Magazine on Northern European Art

The latest issue of The Burlington Magazine appeared and it is devoted to art and artists from Northern Europe.

This issue includes research by Gregory Martin and Anna Orlando on Anthony van Dyck’s portrait of the so-called Balbi Children in the National Gallery, London, which shows that the artist’s beguiling subjects are in fact members of another Genoese family.

This month’s articles also include the rediscovery in the Czech Republic of the largest known seventeenth-century reverse-glass painting; it is connected with the Lichtenstein collections and replicates an etching to evoke a lost Rembrandt. The July issue in addition features new technical and art-historical research on the work of the celebrated animal painter Paulus Potter, undertaken as a collaborative project by the Mauritshuis and the National Gallery of Ireland.

Desmond Shawe-Taylor reviews Blaise Ducos’s catalogue of Van Dyck paintings in the Musée du Louvre. Other reviews include: Painting Flanders Abroad: Flemish Art and Artists in Seventeenth-Century Madrid by Peter Cherry, Mark Evans on Jean Bellegambe, and a review of the exhibition Thinking Small: Dutch Art to Scale by Amy Golahny.


The ‘Balbi’ children identified: a proposal
By Gregory Martin and Anna Orlando

A reverse-glass painting by Gerhard Janssen in the Valtice Palace
By Zdeňka Míchalová and Zuzana Macurová

‘The abduction of Europa’ by Paulus Potter: a mythological painting rediscovered
By Jolijn Schilder, Muirne Lydon, Lizzie Marx, Natalia Macro and Abbie Vandivere

The oculi of Notre-Dame, Paris
By Arnaud Ybert, Bruno Phalip and Dylan Nouzeran

Charles XV’s ‘Norwegian landscape’ in the Museum Gustavianum, Uppsala
By Eva-Charlotta Mebius

The earliest documented work of Marinus van Reymerswale
By Manuel Parada López de Corselas and Christine Seidel

The missing woman: the reunion of a family portrait by Cornelis de Vos
By Angela Jager and Jørgen Wadum

A history painting by Willem van der Vliet
By Tommaso Borgogelli

The July issue is now available in digital and print version. For full content and ordering information, visit The Burlington’s website.