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Latest issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXXIII, No. 1) has been published

The contributions with Dutch and/or Flemish content of the latest issue include a Note by Thomas Ketelsen outlining the merits of the recent publication Manier, Mythos und Moral: Niederländische Druckgraphik um 1600 aus den Beständen der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg.

Table of contents

The Origin of the Iconography of Cannibalism in the Early Modern Period by JEAN MICHEL MASSING
Bartolomeo Manfredi’s St John the Baptist and its Mezzotint by JOHN GASH
Revisiting Richard Hamilton’s Typo/Topography of Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass by PAUL LAIDLER

Shorter Notices

Prints at the Allied Artists’ Association, 1907–21 by MARTIN HOPKINSON
Yoshijiro Urushibara and Frank Brangwyn: A Question of Size by HILARY CHAPMAN


Albrecht Dürer’s Melencolia by PETER PARSHALL
Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Prints in Hamburg Collections by THOMAS KETELSEN
L’Art et Le Modèle in Renaissance Lorraine by HENRI ZERNER
The Digitization of Prints in The Royal Collection, Windsor by EMMA GAGNON
An Overlooked Print after Alonso Cano by MARK MCDONALD
Architectural Models in the Early Modern Period, Primarily in Italy by ALOISIO ANTINORI
Print Pedlars and Mapmaking in Eighteenth-Century Augsburg by ANTONY GRIFFITHS
The Backstory of Wallpaper: Paper-Hangings 1650–1750 by EMILE DE BRUIJN
Francesco Sicuro’s Views of Messina, 1767–70 by BARBARA JATTA
Printing the News, c.1400–1800 by MICHAEL HARRIS
The First Smithsonian Collection: The European Engravings of George Perkins Marsh by MARJORIE B. COHN
Nineteenth-Century Kabuki Woodblock Prints in Geneva by ROSINA BUCKLAND
Whistler’s Depictions of London and Whistler Online by JEREMY WIKELEY
A Whistler Festschrift by MARTIN HOPKINSON
Prints at the Society of British Artists, 1887 by MARTIN HOPKINSON
Twentieth-Century Artists from North West Italy in Florence by MARTIN HOPKINSON
Brangwyn at War! by PETER HARRINGTON
C.R.W. Nevinson: Complete Prints by GORDON COOKE
Modern Japanese Prints – Shin Hanga by ELLIS TINIOS
Fortunato Depero Rediscovered by CHRISTOPHER ADAMS
Safiuddin Ahmed of Bangladesh by GENEVIEVE VERDIGEL
Barry Cleavin by ROSIE HOWELL
Martin Müller-Reinhart’s Sanctified Spaces MICHAËL LA CHANCE
Impact 7 Conference Papers by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN
Impact 8. Borders and Crossing by PAUL COLDWELL
Obituary Jocelyne Bancel
Publications Received

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Cuckoldry in Early Modern Prints by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Critical Art History by JAMES A. VAN DYKE
Richard Tuttle by JAN HOWARD