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Latest Issue of Simiolus, Volume 39 (2017), nr. 3 Appears

The latest issue of Simiolus includes six studies on Hieronymus Cock and his print publishing business. Below you can find its contents.

Simiolus. Netherlands quarterly for the history of art vol. 39 (2017) nr. 3

Ger Luijten, Preface

B.P. Tuin, Hieronymus Cock’s Volck: her family, wealth and anxieties

Petra Maclot, An imaginary visit to The Four Winds, the house and shop of Hieronymus Cock and Volcxken Diericx

Pieter Martens, Hieronymus Cock’s view of Antwerp (1557): its genesis and offspring, from Antwerp to Italy

Fabienne le Bars, Maurusias & Co.: the influence of Hieronymus Cock’s print series on bookbinding in sixteenth-century Paris

Séverine Lepape, The production of prints in France at the time of Hieronymus Cock

Peter Fuhring, The stocklist of Joannes Galle, print publisher of Antwerp, and print sales from old copperplates in the seventeenth century

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