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New CODARTfeature Published: On AI and on Connoisseurship

A new feature has been published on the CODART website. As an alternative to traditional connoisseurship, start-up companies are now offering services that use artificial intelligence to “objectively” authenticate a work of art. In the first article of our series on AI and its impact on art museums, Prof. Dr. Nils BĆ¼ttner examines the quality and refinement of AI authentication.

“Connoisseurship is about comparing a work of fine art with other works and relating it to works whose attribution is as secure as possible. This is what connoisseurs did many hundreds of years ago when the term was beginning to become established. The process of comparison on which every connoisseurship is based is naturally prone to error, because any comparison can only be as good as the comparative material used, the selection of which is inevitably subjective.ā€ Continue reading…


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