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New Issue of Simiolus, Volume 39 (2017), Nr. 1-2 Has Appeared

The latest issue of Simiolus has appeared. Below you can find its contents.

Simiolus. Netherlands quarterly for the history of art Volume 39 (2017), Nr. 1-2

Miyako Sugiyama, Replicating the sanctity of the Holy Face: Jan van Eyck’s Head of Christ

Daantje Meuwissen, Attributing the Berlin Sketchbook to Cornelis Anthonisz

Rubin Suykerbuyk, Reformation, renovation and commemoration: the religious patronage of a Brabantine lord (Zoutleeuw, 1548-58)

Ethan Matt Kavaler, Pieter Bruegel, Bernard van Orley, realism and class

Alphons Hamer, Tobias or not Tobias: a Jesuit visual pun

Steven Jacobs, The Silence of the mystic lambs: Jan Van Eyck and André Cauvin’s film about The Mystic Lamb (1939)

Jan Piet Filedt Kok, Hieronymus Bosch after 500 years exhibitions and publications in 2016