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Oud Holland Celebrates 140th Anniversary with Rubens’s Landscapes

With five articles on Peter Paul Rubens and landscape the present issue of Oud Holland is a special one. As first drafts, these articles were presented at the symposium ‘Rubens: Reuniting the great landscapes’ at the Wallace Collection in London in 2021, on the occasion of the spectacular reunion of Rubens’ Het Steen (ca. 1636) and The rainbow landscape (ca. 1636). The symposium was organized by Lucy Davis, who kindly agreed to be the guest-editor of this issue.

Oud Holland published its very first special issue in 1885 – just two years after its foundation in 1883 – on Gerbrand Adriaensz Bredero (1585-1618) in celebration of the poet’s 300th birthday. This year, the journal celebrates its own 140th birthday by publishing the digital issue on Rubens’s landscapes entirely open access.

Oud Holland 136 (2023) 2/3

Thematic issue: New perspectives on Rubens’ landscapes

Susanna Avery-Quash & Lucy Davis
New perspectives on Rubens’ landscapes: Separation and reunion of Het Steen and The rainbow landscape

Nils Büttner
Rubens’ landscapes and the Dutch Republic

Corina Kleinert
Rubens and his landscapes: Reflections on the notion of ‘otium’

Elizabeth McGrath
Earthly fruitfulness and the gods of nature in Rubens’ imagery

Bert Watteeuw
Surveying Rubens’ late landscapes: New cartographic and archival sources on Het Steen

Oud Holland 136 (2023) 2/3

Oud Holland

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