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Print Quarterly December 2017 (vol. XXXIV, no. 4) Issue Now Published

An article in this issue examines an important change of convention in the depiction of Africans. Indication of the dark flesh tones of Africans is usually omitted in prints from the fifteenth and sixteenth century, with faces and bodies primarily rendered with outlines. This changed around 1620, when the team of Rubens and Vorsterman took up the challenge of engraving black skin, with far-reaching consequences.


When Africans Became Black
Dürer, Rubens and the Changing Image of Africans in Northern Europe
Elmer Kolfin

Patterns of Colonial Transfer: An Album of Prints in Mexico City
Aaron M. Hyman

The Fire of Faction
Sources for Paul Sandby’s Satires of 1762–63
Ann V. Gunn

Shorter Notices

Pollaiuolo’s Battle of the Nudes as a Duel
Angel Arribas Gomez

A Woodcut by Sebald Beham
Ayumi Yasui


Achille Bocchi by Paulette Choné
A Schiaminossi Plate of 1606 by Jaco Rutgers
Engravings of Florentine Equestrian Festivities (Choreographie der Herrschaft: Stefano della Bellas Radierungen zu den Reiterfesten) by Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly
Ornament Prints of the INHA Jacques Doucet collections by Gemma Cornetti
John Evelyn by Dominic Bate
Jean Marot by Louis Marchesano
Roman Festival Prints (Feste barocche ‘per inciso’: Immagini della festa a Roma nelle stampe del Seicento) by Mark McDonald
Erotic Prints and Architecture (exhibition Giulio Romano, Carlo Scarpa and Alvaro Siza) by James Grantham Turner
Kuniyoshi by Ellis Tinios
Hokusai and Manga: Japanese Pop Culture since 1680 by Kinko Ito
Modern Japanese Prints from The Elise Wessels Collection by Kendall H. Brown
Max Kaus (Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik) by Timothy O. Benson
The Legacy of Stanley William Hayter by Peter Black
Three Centuries of American Prints by Paul Coldwell
Zao Wou-Ki by Martin Hopkinson
South Africa, Art of a Nation by Jean Michel Massing
Simon Koene by Elmer Kolfin
Gert & Uwe Tobias: Grisaille by Paul Coldwell
Publications Received

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Rodolphe Töpffer’s Correspondence
David Kunzle

The Power of Prints: The Legacy of Ivins and Hyatt Mayor
Antony Griffiths

World War I: Käthe Kollwitz and Other Women Artists of Her Time
Frances Carey

Anselm Kiefer: The Woodcuts
Robin Reisenfeld