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Print Quarterly December 2022 (Vol. XXXIX, No. 4) Issue Published

Five articles and reviews in the December 2022 issue of Print Quarterly may be of interest to CODART members for their material relating to Dutch and Flemish artists and the wider activities of the region.

The first is a major article from Karen L. Bowen detailing how members of the Sadeler family became involved in the bookselling industry, starting from Jan I Sadeler (1550–1600) who initially produced engravings for Christopher Plantin of the Plantin-Moretus press. The internationally successful Sadeler family is justifiably known for fine engravings that were sought throughout Europe at the turn of the seventeenth century. In addition, however, Raphael Sadeler I in Munich and Justus Sadeler in Venice also published and distributed illustrated books for many years. Consequently, a better understanding of their participation in the market for illustrated books is essential for a complete and accurate assessment of their professional lives and an apt appreciation of the overlapping realms of books and prints in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe. The article also contains an Appendix of the illustrated books published or sold by Raphael I Sadeler (1561–1632) and his sons.

Secondly, a Note by Laurence Lhinares on the print collection of Horace His de La Salle (1795–1878) relates to the Fondation Custodia’s acquisition in 2019–20 of a sale catalogue of his prints. Held at Hôtel Drouot, Paris, from 21st to 29th April 1856, it contained over 1,500 individual items (prints and albums), covering the main schools of art.

A third Note, from Rachel Sloan, celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts’ founding collection in 1871, and the accompanying publication The Paper Side of Art (2021). Detailed and thematic, it offers significant snapshots into the collection’s various curatorial departments and conversations over the years.

The fourth piece of interest is the Review by Joris van Gastel of Sculpture in Print, 1480–1600 (BRILL, 2021). This volume of fourteen essays examines the connections between printmaking and sculpture, beyond the traditional idea that they are only ‘reproductive’ in function.

Finally, Crossing Parallels: Agostino Carracci and Hendrick Goltzius (Michael Imhof Verlag, 2021) has been reviewed by Marzia Faietti. The exhibition and catalogue consider the mutual influence of both artists on each other, challenging the traditional interpretation that it was a one-sided affair from Goltzius to Carracci.

Contents of Volume XXXIX (2022), No. 4

 The Sadelers: From Printmakers to Booksellers by Karen L. Bowen

The 1604 Služebnik from Stratyn, Ukraine, and its Afterlife by Agnieszka Gronek

Some Italian Importers of British Prints in the 1780s by Antony Griffiths and Giorgio Marini

The Society of Artist Printers / Printmakers, 1922–47 by Martin Hopkinson


Special Collections in Augsburg (Sole Survivors & Rare Editions – Unikale, Seltene und Illuminierte Inkunabeln der Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg) by Paul Schweitzer-Martin

The True Identity of Heinrich Aldegrever’s Judith and her Origins by Andrew S. Winston

Parmigianino’s ‘Almost Unique’ Judith by Bernard Barryte

Georgette de Montenay’s Emblemes, ou Devises Chrestiennes (Un ‘miroir’ calviniste: ‘Les Emblemes, ou Devises chrestiennes’ de Georgette de Montenay et Pierre Woeiriot, 1567/1571) by Alicja Bielak

Piranesi and Spain (Giovanni Battista Piranesi en la Biblioteca Nacional de España) by Giorgio Marini

The Print Collection of Horace His de La Salle (1795–1878) by Laurence Lhinares

Tate Collection: Three Hundred Years of Printmaking (The Art of Print) by Paul Coldwell

Celebrating Budapest’s Drawings and Prints (The Paper Side of Art) by Rachel Sloan

Contemporary Print Series (Serien: Druckgraphik von Warhol bis Wool / Series: Prints from Warhol to Wool) by Judith Brodie

Publications Received

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Sculpture in Print, 1480–1600 by Joris van Gastel

Agostino Carracci and Hendrick Goltzius (Crossing Parallels) by Marzia Faietti

Aquatint: From Its Origins to Goya by Anne Leonard

Expressionism and Poster Design in Germany by Christian Weikop

Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror by John A. Tyson

Australian Artists, 1942–2020 (Printed Images by Australian Artists 1942–2020) by Irena Zdanowicz