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Print Quarterly March 2022 (Vol. XXXIX No. 1) Issue Published

The current issue includes a detailed account of the life and career of the Flemish printmaker and publisher Charles de Mallery. It reveals the diversity of his production, as well as his remarkable and profitable participation in an unexpectedly active international trade in prints in seventeenth-century Europe. The article also considers his subsequent demise due to significant financial demands following the death of his wife.

Also included are considerations of Christophe Plantin and his press, and the tradition of grotesques, such as etchings by Hollar after Leonardo, as seen in a private collection.


The Rise and Fall of Charles de Mallery by Karen L. Bowen and Dirk Imhof

The Publication of Caricatures in Paris in 1814 and 1815, Part I: The Established Printsellers, Genty and Martinet by Antony Griffiths

Do What Mr Whistler Wants: How His Prints Should Be Framed, Part I: 1859–83 by Kenneth John Myers


Engineering Late Sixteenth-Century Rome by Mark McDonald

Christophe Plantin (c. 1520–89) and his Press by Caroline Duroselle-Melish

Representing from Life in Seventeenth-Century Italy by Mark McDonald

Grotesque Heads in the Mariano Moret Collection by Mark McDonald

The Altzenbachs of Cologne: Seventeenth-Century Publishers of Popular Prints by Antony Griffiths

Ceán Bermúdez’s Discurso by Mark McDonald

The World’s First Economic Bubble by diana greenwald 80

Illustrated Travels in Scotland by Ann V. Gunn

Food and Empire in Eighteenth-Century Britain by Marcia Reed

The Wood-Engravings and Woodblocks of Thomas Bewick by Nigel Tattersfield

Ignacy Łopieński (1865–1941) and the Printmaking Revival in Poland by Celina Fox

Graphic Art from Vilnius by Waldemar Deluga

Publications Received

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Pietro Aretino (1492–1556) by Matthias Wivel

Goya’s Graphic Imagination by Janis A. Tomlinson

Prints and Poetry by Munio Makuuchi by Jamie Gabbarelli

Jim Dine by Paul Coldwell

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