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Proceedings of ‘Beyond Boundaries. Conceptualizing Netherlandish Prints’ Published

On 21 and 22 October 2019, the National Museum in Belgrade organized an international conference on Dutch prints in conjunction with the exhibition Netherlandish Prints from the Collection of the National Museum in Belgrade. The proceedings of the conference Beyond Boundaries. Conceptualizing Netherlandish Prints have now been published.

The conference approached Netherlandish printmaking as a phenomenon of early modern art, a highly mobile medium operating on the principles of aesthetic, social and culturological communication. In particular, it explored the multilayered significance of Netherlandish printed art from two points of view: the intermedial (i.e. within the common field of fine arts) and the social, where investigating the meaning of a print involves a much broader perspective.

Beyond Boundaries. Conceptualizing Netherlandish Prints is edited by Dragana Kovačić and Jasmina Novaković and is published by the National Museum in Belgrade. Contributions have been peer-reviewed by Gary Schwartz, Peter van der Coelen and Igor Borozan.

Beyond Boundaries. Conceptualizing Netherlandish Prints


Dragana Kovačić

A Semiotic Account of Netherlandish Prints: The Instagram of the Dawn of the Golden Age
Ludo Beheydt

The Utile dulci of emblems
Jelica Novaković-Lopušina

From Paper to Glass: Prints and Stained Glass Roundels in the Sixteenth-Century Low Countries
Gaylen Vankan

Maarten de Vos’ Paradise Among Prints
Jelena Dergenc

Reflecting on the Renaissance in Prints and Music: The Bold Printing Techniques of Hendrick Goltzius and Performing Poetics of Ferruccio Busoni
Sanja Pantović

Gerard de Lairesses Opus Elegantissimum: Cream of the Crop, or a Miserable Ending to the Dutch Golden Age
Tijana Žakula

Netherlandish Prints and Persian Painting: An Inspirational Source for Persian Painters from the 1650s to the 1680s
Forough Sajadi

Netherlandish Engravings in Seventeenth-Century Russia and the Formation of the National Style in Russian Ornamentation
Oleg Khromov

Netherlandish Prints and the Balkans
Ljiljana Stošić

The impact of engravings on the painting of Arsenije Teodorović in the Serbian church in Buda
Vladimir Simić

Interpolation and Interpretation of Jan and Raphael Sadeler’s Prints in the Work of Pavle Simić
Milena Vrbaški

Netherlandish Prints in Serbia: The Creation of Private and Public Collections
Dragana Kovačić