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Special Issue of JHNA about the Dutch Textile Trade Project

A new issue of the refereed, open-access Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art is published. This special issue, co-edited by Marsely Kehoe and Carrie Anderson, debuts their collaborative Dutch Textile Trade project and website (, which examines the economic data of the Dutch East and West India Company archives alongside the visual and material record of historic trade textiles. The website also provides downloadable data and dynamic visualizations. The issue features a lead article about the project and a series of shorter essays by established and emerging experts in historic textiles and digital art history and digital humanities. This issue examines the textiles traded by the Dutch East and West India Companies across the globe, patterns of consumption, and the relationship between the visual and material record of textiles and archival documentation.

Textile Circulation in the Dutch Global Market

Winter 2023 issue (vol. 15.1)


Editors’ Greeting
Jacquelyn N. Coutré, Bret Rothstein, Joanna Woodall, Alison Kettering

Dutch Textile Trade: Issue and Project Introduction|
Carrie Anderson, Marsely Kehoe

Textile Circulation in the Dutch Global Market: A Digital Approach
Carrie Anderson, Marsely Kehoe

The Dutch Textile Trade Project and the Development of JHNA’s Digital Art History Capabilities
Jennifer Henel

Part I: Researchers in the Field

The Filaments of the Textile Trade: Subtle and Broad Trends in Exports from South Asia to Maritime Southeast Asia
Sylvia Houghteling

Locating the Madras Kerchief in Global Textile Trade: Convergences between Connecting Threads and the Dutch Textile Trade Project
Victoria de Lorenzo, Avalon Fotheringham, Deepthi Murali, Meha Priyadarshini

The Fascination with Japanese-Styled Gowns: A Quantitative Perspective on Ready-Made Garments at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century
Angelina Illes|

From ‘Sits’ to ‘Spices’: Dutch Interactions with the Global Circulation of Indian Textiles
Chris Nierstrasz

Part II: Topics in the Digital Humanities: Projects, Methods, and Resources

New Netherland Documents and the Digital Archive
Deborah Hamer

The Façade of Neutrality: Unearthing Hidden Histories in the Montias Database with Digital Methodologies
Lauryn Smith

Connecting (described) Fibers: Controlled Vocabularies of Global Textiles
Jennifer Henel

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