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Website Dedicated to the Work of Lucas Achtschellinck (1629-1699)

A website dedicated to the work of the Brussels landscape painter Lucas Achtschellink (1629-1699) has been launched. The artist is a follower and presumed pupil of Lodewijk de Vadder (1605-1655), about whom a website by the same author appeared in 2020. Both artists belonged to the so-called School of Painters of the Sonian Forest, which also included Jacques D’Arthois, Ignatius van der Stock and François Coppens, among others.

Lucas Achtschellinck (1626-1699), An Extensive Landscape with Figures, 1680
Private collection

About 300 works (paintings, drawings and tapestries) are included on, along with a biography of the artist, as well as lists of public and private collections, related auctions, art dealers, exhibitions and a bibliography. The site is produced by Emmanuel de Cannart d’Hamale in collaboration with art historian Philippe Dellis and historian Erik Wauters.