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57th Attingham Trust Summer School: Deadlines Are near

In its effort to attract more curators of decorative arts and historical houses and to encourage them to work more closely with curators of what are called the fine arts, CODART is pleased call attention to the highly prestigious summer school run every year by the Attingham Trust.

For information on the The Attingham Study Week 2008 (Wednesday 4th – Thursday 12th June): Treasure houses of middle England, see .
Deadline for applying: 22 January 2008 (with excuses for this late notice).

The Summer School, held from 4 to 22 July, is described at .
Deadline for applying: 31 January 2008.

The Royal Collection Studies Course for 2008 will take place from Sunday 31st August to Tuesday 9th September.
Deadline for applying: 31 March 2008.