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Albertina has launched its new collections website

Some weeks ago, Albertina has launched its new collections website which provides on-line access to more than 52.000 works of art. About 9.000 objects are complemented with scholarly comments from our curators, transferred from the inventory catalogues and recent exhibition catalogues of the Albertina.

Paintings and sculptures

300 objects (predominantly works from the Batliner collection, which is permanently on show at the museum under the headline "From Monet to Picasso")

Graphic art collection

25.000 drawings

Comprehensive on-line access is provided to all objects that are contained in the inventory catalogues published by the Albertina (German, Dutch, Italian and English drawings).

6.500 prints

The emphasis is on Italian and German prints from the late 15th and early 16th century

Poster collection

5.700 objects

Architectural collection

10.000 objects, in particular including the drawings by Francesco Borromini

Photographic collection

4.500 objects

We hope that our collections website proves to be a useful tool for scientific research. We are continuously working to increase our on-line holdings.