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Barend Cornelis Koekkoek and the Luxemburg Landscape. Organizers looking for whereabouts of two of these paintings

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (1803-1862), the museum in his former residence, the B.C. Koekkoek-House Cleves, is preparing an exhibition (22 September 2012 – 27 January 2013) dedicated to Koekkoek’s most celebrated works: the series of ten Luxemburg landscapes he painted for the Dutch King Willem II, between 1845 and 1849.

The whereabouts of two of these paintings are currently unknown:

1. B.C. Koekkoek, Berg Castle in the Mersch Valley in Luxemburg (also erroneously Landscape at [T]ubbergen near Nijmegen), 1848, oil on canvas, 87 x 111 cm.

2. B.C. Koekkoek, Beaufort Castle from the South (also erroneously Wolfredange or Walfredange Castle, 1848, oil on canvas, 87 x 111 cm.

Title variations are possible. Do you have any information on these or other paintings, watercolours or drawings by B.C. Koekkoek with Luxemburg themes? Please contact the exhibition curator, dr. Asker Pelgrom.

The B.C. Koekkoek-House would also be interested to take note of Luxemburg themes in the work of Koekkoek’s contemporaries (ca. 1800-1890). It concerns paintings, works on paper and prints of landscapes and views of castles such as Vianden, Beaufort, Hollenfels, Schönfels, Larochette (Burg Fels), Walferdange, Berg, Bourscheid, Wiltz, Fischbach and Meysembourg.

All information provided will of course be treated with the highest discretion.


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