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Call for "Short contributions" in Oud Holland

Information from the editors, 25 November 2009

From volume 2010, no. 1, onwards, Oud Holland will contain the section ‘Short contributions’. Such a section was a permanent fixture of the magazine in the period 1950-1975, initially under the title ‘Mededelingen van het Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie’ (‘Notices from the Netherlands Institute for Art History).

However, as of then, the editors’ attention for such short contributions diminished. The lack of options for publishing short articles threatens the loss of many useful and valuable finds made by researchers. By reintroducing the section, Oud Holland hopes to create a platform for fast publication of discoveries made. Examples could be retrieving and attributing unknown works of art, making additions to recent catalogues, archive finds, etc. The editors would like to take this opportunity to invite researchers to submit their contributions.

Contributions can be made to: