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Fellowships Announced for Research into Dutch Maritime History

The Vereeniging Nederlandsch Historisch Scheepvaart Museum, an independent association, was founded in 1916 and is the owner of one of the world’s leading maritime collections. The collection is on permanent loan to and managed by the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam / Netherlands Maritime Museum, seated in the former 17th-century arsenal of the Admiralty of Amsterdam. The Vereeniging is primarily focussing on new acquisitions and research, and is co-sponsor of the Maritime Chair at Leiden University. With its Programme for Fellowships the Vereeniging aims to stimulate the use of artefacts of the collection as historic sources.


Candidates may consult the museum’s collection on the  website and , the online catalogue of maritime museums in the Netherlands, the Vereeniging’s Yearbooks and annual reports.
For 2008 the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Fellowships Foundation offers two research fellowships:

The Dr Ernst Crone research fellowship for academic graduates, 6-12 months
This fellowship is offered once a year and is primarily intended to support post-doctoral research. The Dr Ernst Crone fellowship carries a grant of maximum € 30.000 (gross) and is open for university-graduated scholars and museum professionals of all nationalities and disciplines.
Application forms must be supported by two academic referees and a proposal to publish the results (the museum does not undertake to publish or assist with publications of the results of work accomplished during the tenure of the fellowship). The grant can be remitted to the candidates personally or to their employers. Fellows will have use of the Museum’s library and store-room facilities and may otherwise be provided with a space to work in and use of a computer.
Ideally, the fellowship will commence on 1 September 2008.

The Prof J.C.M. Warnsinck research fellowship for academic students, 3-6 months
This fellowship is offered once a year and intended to support research in the museum’s collection by students, resulting in a special paper or publication. This fellowship is open for academic students of all nationalities and disciplines and offers a stipend of € 2.500, which will be remitted to the student personally. Application forms must be supported by at least one referee from the academic world. Candidates are expected to make a proposal to make the results available (the Museum does not undertake to publish or assist with publications). The  fellowship will commence on 1 September 2008.

Application forms can be downloaded from this website. Completed and signed application forms must be send by mail addressed to

Stichting Fellowships Nederland Scheepvaartmuseum
Mrs Evelien Ros, administrator
Postbus 15443
1001 MK Amsterdam

and be received by 4 April 2008.