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Festschrift in honor of Alison McNeil Kettering, who retires from Carlton College

Carleton College is pleased to announce the publication of Midwestern Arcadia, an e-festschrift in honor of Alison McNeil Kettering, William R. Kenan Professor Emerita of Art History. We invite you to join us in celebrating Alison Kettering’s legacy and engage with the articles available online and for download.

The festschrift, edited by Dawn Odell and Jessica Buskirk, brings together articles by colleagues and former students writing on a range of topics from colonialism’s influence on Dutch art and a scientific and artistic collaboration in the 17th century, to several essays on Rembrandt and more.

Table of contents

Renée Kistemaker,
“Midwestern Arcadia: A Preface”

H. Perry Chapman,
“Rembrandt’s Laughter and the Love of Art”

Paul Crenshaw,
“Beyond Matthew 19: The Woman at Christ’s Feet in Rembrandt’s Hundred Guilder Print”

Stephanie S. Dickey,
“Rembrandt’s ‘Little Swimmers’ in Context”

Lawrence O. Goedde,
“Homage to Goltzius: Four Disgracers in One”

Julie Berger Hochstrasser,
“The Bones in Banda: Vision, Art, and Memory in Maluku”

Susan Donahue Kuretsky,
“Lairesse Meets Bidloo, or the Case of the Absent Anatomist”

Katherine Poole-Jones,
“Heroines and Triumphs: Visual Exemplars, Family Politics, and Gender Ideology in Baroque Rome”

Lisa Rosenthal,
“Art Lovers, Pictura, and Masculine Virtue in the Konstkamer”

Wendy Sepponen,
“Imperial Materials: Site and Citation in Leone and Pompeo Leoni’s Charles V and Furor”

Nina Eugenia Serebrennikov,
“Spectacularly Small: Jacques Callot at the Medici Court”

Larry Silver,
"Pieter Bruegel’s Symbolic Highlands in the Lowlands"

Eric Jan Sluijter,
“Odd Man Out: Nicolaes Elias Pickenoy and Amsterdam History Painting in the 1630s”and 1640s”

Linda Stone-Ferrier,
“Jacobus Vrel’s Dutch Neighborhood Scenes”

Elizabeth Sutton,
“Bittersweet: Sugar, Slavery, and Science in Dutch Suriname”