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Print Quarterly Volume XXVIII, No.1, March 2011 published

In the latest volume of Print Quarterly, some interesting articles with Dutch/Flemish content appeared. For a full listing of contents see below.


Antony Griffiths

Francesco Rosselli and Berlinghieri’s Geographia Re-examined
Sean Roberts

Raphael Morghen and Paris
Camilla Murgia

Ad Reinhardt: Visual Perception and the Screenprint Portfolios
Elizabeth Reede

Shorter Notices

A New Print by Nicoletto da Modena
Giulio Girondi and Matteo Crespi

A Subject of the Small Landscapes Series Identified
Erik P. Löffler

An Unrealized Project by the Sadelers after Hans von Aachen
Joachim Jacoby

Arthur Hughes in the Dalziel Archive
Maroussia Oakley


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Daniel Hopfer
Mitchell Merback

Jan Gossaert
Larry Silver

Athanasius Kircher
Irina Oryshkevich

The Illustrated Catalogue as a New Genre
Ingrid R. Vermeulen

Between Invention and Reproduction
Eckhard Leuschner

Philippa Simpson

British Railway Posters
Martin Hopkinson

The History of Prints as Propaganda
David Kunzle