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Research program Science4Arts (Chemistry and Materials Research at the Interface between Science and Art) starts

This week, international experts in the fields of restoration of art works and chemistry meet in Amsterdam to kick off the research program Science4Arts (Chemistry and Materials Research at the Interface between Science and Art) funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

From the program’s website, 10 January 2011

The Science4Arts research program aims to investigate changes in artworks with regard to an object’s chemical and physical dynamics, significance and substance, as well as its frame of reference. Collaboration between specialists in the fields of conservation, humanities, physical and chemical sciences is pivotal as they collectively investigate an object or group of related objects in a museum environment. The program aims to develop and strengthen interchange between the research of various research institutions and the museological field.

Two areas of research are central to the program, namely ancient art and modern and contemporary art. Ancient art is in this case a collective term for visual and applied arts and works on paper before 1880. Modern and contemporary art covers the same categories from 1880 onwards, but additionally includes all facets of installation art, conceptual art and new media art.

Science4Arts aims to make a substantial contribution to the conservation professions. Additional to its research aspect, the program intends to build an interdisciplinary community of experienced researchers who can collaborate extensively and create a framework for the future demand for well-trained professionals.

For more information see the program’s website.