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Early Depiction of the Antwerp Vleeshuis Sought

Curators at Museum Vleeshuis in Antwerp are looking for an anonymous painting from around 1570. The painting is of special interest because it is the oldest known detailed depiction of the Vleeshuis. Similar paintings are known only from the nineteenth century onward.

The painting was last seen at a Sotheby’s auction in Amsterdam 1999. The panel measures 89.3 x 118.0 cm. Should you have any further information on the current whereabouts of this work, please contact Timothy De Paepe (

Anonymous artist, View of the Vleeshuis with figures and animals on the Vleesmarkt, ca. 1570, oil on panel, 89.3 x 118.0 cm.

Commissioned by the Butchers’ Guild in 1501, Het Vleeshuis (The Butcher’s Hall) in Antwerp currently houses Museum Vleeshuis, which focuses on six hundred years of music the city. The monument is scheduled to be completely renovated in 2025. The renovation will add a new staircase, a reception area, a city hall and a completely renewed music museum. When the project is completed, all seven floors of the building will be open to the public.