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Fundación Carlos de Amberes presents an online itinerary of Flemish tapestries in Spain

The Fundación Carlos de Amberes has published a website with an itinerary through Castile which highlights 10 places where tapestries from Flanders woven between the 14th and 17th centuries are preserved. The website, also gives background information on Flemish tapestries and their dispersal.

About Fundación Carlos de Amberes

The Carlos de Amberes Foundation, is the realization of the wish of a Flemish man whom donated all his fortune to the city of Madrid in order to create this institution, which 400 years thereafter it is fully active. Bolstered by a reorganisation of its original purpose (a hospital for pilgrims), the Carlos de Amberes Foundatio is ready to enter into the 21st Century, dedicated to safekeeping the historical ties among the territories that once belonged to the Spanish Crown in the 16th and 17th Centuries. The Foundation cooperates via all sorts of cultural, political and scientific initiatives with those countries -Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and northern France- in the adventure of building a common space: a united Europe.