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Painting by Balthasar van der Ast sought by Sarvenaz Ayooghi

Update: the painting has been found

See for more information the news item of 15 January 2016.

Sarvenaz Ayooghi, one of the curators of the forthcoming monographic exhibition on Balthasar van der Ast (1593/94 – 1657) in the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen, is looking for this very special painting, which had once been in the Gallery Kurt Müllenmeister, Solingen, but was sold in the mid-1980s. “Masters of Middelburg” (Kunsthandel K. & V. Waterman, Amsterdam, 1984) was the last exhibition, where it had been on display.

Update: in search of this painting the following persons have already been contacted: Sam Segal, the widow of Kurt Müllenmeister, Ulrike Middendorf, Ursula Härting and Klaus Edel (Köln), who unfortunately could not give any information about the location of the painting. (updated 14 October 2015)

Sarvenaz Ayooghi would be extremely grateful for further information about the beautiful Tulip in a Glass Vase (Die Tulpe Sommerschön), which would most certainly be one of the highlights in the show.

The help of CODART-Members is very much appreciated.

A high resolution image is available here.


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