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CODART Launches New Advisory Panel on Inclusion

In April last year, CODART created an Advisory Panel on Inclusion in response to discussions in recent years relating to the subjects of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in the museum sector in general and the field of Dutch and Flemish art, specifically. CODART has offered several events and published articles on these subjects, but the organization recognized the need to create a space to discuss strategies for incorporating these values within the structure and programming of CODART as a network of curators of Dutch and Flemish art. The Advisory Panel consists of eight curators from different museums, cultural backgrounds, and career stages, who have experience or demonstrated interest in these subjects. Since April, the panel has convened three times. The conversations that have taken place and the ideas that came out of these meetings will influence CODART’s policies and activities. Topics that have been discussed by the Panel include: CODART’s membership criteria, ideas for CODARTfeatures, webinars or workshops, facilitated discussion groups, and opportunities for fellowships and mentorship programs. In the coming year, we will share further updates about new programs and initiatives developed with input from the Panel.

The Advisory Panel members are listed on the committees page on the CODART website.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to share with the Advisory Panel, we kindly invite you to do so by sending an email to