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CODART Memories: Study Trip to Northern France (2007)

The study trip of CODART TIEN took place from 13 to 18 March 2007 and focused on a number of collections located in northern France: Rouen, Caen, Amiens, Lille, Douai and Valenciennes. During a walking tour of Lille, led by Alexis Donetzkoff, Florence Gombert and others, the group of CODART members visited the Hospice Comtesse, the city’s former hospital that dates back to 1237. This photo was taken in the sick ward of the hospital, which had just reopened at the time. The Hospice Comtesse houses a number of seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish paintings, as well as portrait galleries depicting the Counts of Flanders and the Dukes of Burgundy. The walking tour concluded with a lecture and a reception at the Belgian Consulate.

For more information, see the full program of this 2007 study trip.

CODART Memories

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