CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

CODART Turns 21

Today CODART celebrates its 21st anniversary. Since it was founded on 18 June 1998 by Gary Schwartz and the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), CODART has been connecting curators of Dutch and Flemish art in museums around the globe which has led to increased visibility and accessibility of this heritage for a wider audience. Now that we have entered adulthood it is time to think about what CODART can accomplish in the future. We will start by bringing you more stories on Dutch and Flemish art.


This fall we will launch CODARTfeatures. A new section on our website where you will find articles on Dutch and Flemish artworks in museums worldwide and on the curators that take care of them. CODARTfeatures will succeed our digital magazine the CODART eZine. One article will be published every month. Through enhanced technology the readability of articles will be guaranteed on all modern devices, while readers who prefer to read from paper will be offered a printer-friendly version. In due course all the articles that CODART has published in its 21 years of existence can be easily accessed here.

CODART Masterpieces

Also this fall we will present a list of 100 CODART Masterpieces of Dutch and Flemish art. We will invite all members of CODART to help us compile a list of masterpieces that everyone should know about. More information about this very exciting project will follow soon.

For our upcoming CODARTfocus and next year’s congress, see last week’s news item.