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Save the Date! CODART Presents Curator of the Future Symposium

On Friday 6 October 2023 CODART will be holding its 25th Anniversary Symposium at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We warmly invite members, friends and anyone else with an interest in Dutch and Flemish art to join us for an interesting afternoon of celebration, networking, and discussions.

Throughout this anniversary year, the spotlight is on CODART’s core members: the curators of Dutch and Flemish Old Masters. All our activities have been planned around the theme of ‘Curator of the Future’.

Much has changed in the world of Dutch and Flemish art in the twenty-five years since CODART was founded. The curator of today faces many and diverse challenges. We ask ourselves what this means and what the various developments will lead to.

To address these questions, CODART recently commissioned a piece of research. We will present and discuss the findings at the public symposium on 6 October. Look out for the detailed program, to be announced on CODART’s website in the near future. You can already find a more comprehensive description of the research project on our website.

Video series

To familiarize a wider public with the profession of curator, CODART is launching a video series entitled ’25 Essential Skills for Curators’ this week. In twenty-five short clips, we aim to give an idea of the many different tasks a curator has to perform on a daily basis. Follow CODART on social media for a weekly update or visit the website.

Please go here for more details about the anniversary activities.

The curator takes center stage in CODART’s 25th anniversary celebrations! Throughout the year we will be highlighting the profession of curator and recent developments in the field.
This anniversary video was made possible by the support of the Teylers Museum and the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem.