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Proceedings of the Symposium in Honor of George S. Abrams Are Now Available Online

The proceedings of Dutch Drawings on the Horizon: A Day of Talks in Honor of George S. Abrams, organized by The Harvard Art Museums on 4 November 2017, have been published online in three videos.

This symposium brought together international experts on 17th-century Dutch drawings in honor of George S. Abrams. Mr. Abrams and his late wife, Maida, pioneered the collecting of Dutch drawings in the United States, and their gift of 110 works in 1999 transformed the Harvard Art Museums’ Dutch drawings collection into one of the most comprehensive in any U.S. museum. The symposium included the following speakers: Stijn Alsteens, Susan Anderson, Ger Luijten, William Robinson, Martin Royalton-Kisch, Gregory Rubinstein, Peter Schatborn and Jane Turner. The sessions were chaired by Arthur Wheelock, Benjamin Weiss, and Peter C. Sutton.

Since 2010, George Abrams has supported CODART as a Patron. He was interviewed about his passion for Dutch drawings in the first issue of CODART eZine (Autumn 2012).

Proceedings of Dutch Drawings on the Horizon part one of three. Visit YouTube for the second and third part.


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